Windows 8.1 System Image Backup & Restore

The other week user bun asked how he could upgrade his HDD and keep everything as is in response to my post Opening Up The Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5214. Today, I show you how you can do just that.

This post is also my first computer video tutorial.  You can watch me perform the back up and restore below! (Or read on for the text instructions below)


  1. Search/Run “File History”
  2. After the program starts, look for the link to “System Image Backup”
  3. In Windows 8 this will kick off a wizard to walk you through the process. In Windows 10 it will open the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) app which is the same as the app in Windows 7.

    Windows 8.1 System Image Wizard
  4. Walk through the Wizard picking your media to save to and following the prompts.
  5. Once done you can then boot your device with a recovery drive. (See how to make one here) when ready and go to Troubleshoot then Advanced Options and here you can pick System Image Recovery.Windows-8-1-system-image-backup-recovery-usb
  6. This will start the re-image Wizard where you select your backup image and restore it to your device. Just follow the on screen instructions to start the re-image process.

    (Sorry for the bad image quality)
  7. Once kicked off, it will take a number of minutes to complete. After it has finished your system will reboot and you will be brought back to Windows exactly how it was before the image was taken.

One thing I did forget to mention in the video is that if you don’t see all your space once Windows is restored(say you back up a 500GB drive and restore to a 1TB HDD), you will need to search for and run the “Create and format hard disk partitions” or “disk management”. Here you can see your disk and its partitions. If you are not using your entire drive you should be able to click on the main partition and expand it to fit the entire space.

I hope you found this helpful. If so please share, like and subscribe to us here on the blog and our YouTube channel.


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