My New IKEA “ALEX” Desk

Things have been hectic for us. We’ve been working really hard on going through our belongings again for the last time. I mean, as we move and grow we’ll get rid of things, but Trevor and I both feel like this time around we are truly getting rid of all the excess. One year after we started on our journey, we believe we’ll be finished with it.

Between tearing the house apart, listing things on eBay and Craigslist, and helping my sister tackle her clutter……….we found time on a Saturday to drive 5h round-trip to our “local” IKEA to snag me a new desk.

We’d gone in December, but the store was out of stock by the time we got there. This time, there was no game playing. We went on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. We headed straight for the desk, then for the checkout. After, we went back through IKEA’s marketplace to pick up little odds and ends for my desk.


Around 5pm we got home and had dinner, then Trevor was out the door by 6:10pm to do computer repair. We’d had an incredibly long day, but decided putting the desk together in a state of delirium was the best thing to do.

We filmed it for you!  🙃

Building it as a team wasn’t bad at all, and took far less time than I had imagined it would (about 30 minutes). By the end of the night I had a lovely new desk that was ready for action.


The ALEX desk has built-in cable management, which is amazing. First off, I threw in a power strip and tried to plug in my laptop charger…which didn’t work.


Keep that in mind if you’re looking at this desk. If your laptop charger is large like mine is (Macbook Pro), you’ll have to still plug that into the wall.

Next up was my drawers, and this was rather simple to do. The week prior I absolutely gutted my desk and eliminated everything I didn’t need. I had had a lot of paper, but we’re a paper-free household. Now, I have the things I love…like a star-shaped paperclip I’d gotten from working with a children’s program at my university.


All my tech gear fits on the other side; nice and neat.


Now, I need a little decoration to help my stay inspired, and I also wanted a small clock. I picked up the FEJKA  grass, a small candle and the KLOCKIS clock that you see.


The painted box is from Nepal; a gift from someone. I use it to store small-value coins from Mexico, Canada, the UK and Spain. Hopefully I can add more currency into the mix someday soon!

Here is the finished product, complete with a sea-foam cat bed and catnip mouse.



You can get the ALEX desk from IKEA. Click here to view product information on their site.

You can get the KLOCKIS clock from IKEA. Click here to view product information on their site.

You can get the FEJKA plant from IKEA. Click here to view product information on their site.

You can get the GURLI pillow cover from IKEA. Click here to view product information on their site.

You can get the FJÄDRAR pillow insert from IKEA. Click here to view product information on their site.


NautilusMODE is not sponsored by IKEA in any way. All products were purchased by ourselves. All opinions and views expressed are our own.

2 thoughts on “My New IKEA “ALEX” Desk”

  1. I’m stuck at step 13, where there are 3 pieces, each with a drawer track on them. there’s on in the middle, one on the left (if you are facing the direction the arrows point) and there’s one on the right, but the only way it fits is if its facing the other way, which doesn’t help at all because there needs to be space in the back for the cable management. i am desperately in need of help. it looks like you guys might have struggled with it a little bit too from your video. Hoping you have answers!!! thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Lily,

      Hopefully you already have figured it out by now, but if not here is our suggestion 🙂 : Looks like you may want to take a close look at step 12 and 14. There is an ever so slight difference between the top and bottom of the side pieces. You will want the large circle holes to be closest to the upside down top. If your drawer slides are too far back, double check them to make sure they extend away from the large solid cable management back. It’s an easy mistake to install them backwards and I myself did that I believe with my Alex 5 Drawer Unit. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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