Tidying the Pantry

Sometimes I open my pantry and think “what the heck happened since the last time I organized this thing?!” Am I the only one?

A Cluttered Mess

Guys, I’m going to let this photo talk for itself for a moment…

Okay, here’s my version of the story:

  • its cluttered
  • it’s disorganized
  • empty containers???
  • like items not together
  • small items all over

Maybe you’re thinking Allyson, your pantry didn’t look too bad to begin with. Didn’t it? Don’t let those bins fool you. I’m holding the wrong items in those bins; small spices are ALL OVER THAT PICTURE, hiding in the depths as well!

Here’s what the pantry looked like after I tangoed with it:

I can almost hear Hallelujah chorus every time I open this pantry now.

If you’re curious as to how you can achieve the same results, read on to find out what the process was and how little time it takes!

How to Tidy Your Pantry Quickly

Step One: Get Everything Out

If you have a bigger Pantry than me, or food stored all over, this may seem daunting. I’m here to tell you, this is the only way you’ll really clean out your pantry.

All you’re pantry items should be stored in the same place anyway, not all over your kitchen!

Step Two: Squeaky Clean and Categorized

After removing everything, wipe down those shelves.  Be sure to use food-safe cleaners and leave the doors open so that the shelves may dry out quickly.

Check for signs of mice, ants and other pests, especially if you live in an older home.

While your shelves are drying, go through your food items. I like to sort mine into categories. So, all the tea goes together, all the oats, all the cooking gear…you get the idea.

Be sure, while you’re doing this, to check the dates on all your foods. Toss anything at your discretion. Remember, “Best By” dates are negotiable. This will help cut down on your food waste.

Step Three: Store It

Once you have your food separated out, decide wether, or not, it needs a bin. You’ll see that I used bins I already owned for tea, coffee, medicine, snacks and baking goods. I also used a gift box from Christmas to hold all our oils and spices. Thrifty!

Putting your goods back once you’ve got your smaller items (or bulky K-Cups)taken care of.

I placed all the baskets on the bottom shelf, as these are the items we use most often (except for the baking supplies). Duplicates and bulk went up top in order to keep the middle shelf as open as possible. That way, it is easy to see what we have on-hand at-a-glance.

Let me know if you find posts like this helpful! I love writing about tidying and minimalism, and you seem to enjoy reading about it as well!

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