DIY Your 2016 Planner

I love my planner, and have been forcing it to work double duty as my wallet since October 2015. However, purchasing planner inserts is expensive and I haven’t found any in stores that work for me. This year I’ve decided to make my own inserts and share them with you! 

Make Your Planner Work For You

When I bought my Filofax, I ended up hating the inserts that came with it…except for the note paper. I tried my best to use the inserts I’d gotten, but quickly stopped using my planner altogether. I had shoved it full of papers that I didn’t need, or use, which made it incredibly bulky. Once I removed the extra sections, I stopped using it again. This time it was because I didn’t like the calendar (I had to try several calendars until I realized what I wanted).

Now that I’ve taken a year to play with my planner and find things I like, I know the set-up that works best for me. This set-up isn’t an easy one to find, so I made my own inserts to share with you (BELOW).

You may need to take time to find what works best for you as well. Keep adjusting your planner until it becomes something you love using. Don’t give up!

Free Planner Inserts

Free Inserts from the Internet

I still stand by PenGems’ 2015 calendar, but I’m not a fan of their 2016 version. Nevertheless, click here to head over to their blog post. You’ll find their downloads there. They also have printables for A5 users.

My Free Inserts

I made some planner inserts, including a calendar, in PDF format for those of you with Personal size planners. All of them will open into a new tab, or window. Enjoy!

If there is demand, I will happily make planner inserts for more sizes in 2017! Just leave me a comment below and let me know what size planner you’d like inserts for! I’ve been thinking about putting layouts on Etsy as well… let me know what you think!

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