Our 2015 Christmas Tree

This year was an interesting one for us, in terms of the holiday season. This post is supposed to go up before Christmas, but it just didn’t happen. Lately I’ve been feeling unhappy in my surroundings, which typically means we have too many possessions.

I spent the better part of December going through our closets and kitchen. After a little re-org and assessment, I managed to clear out 7 storage tubs (eight if you include one that is FULL of yarn for a blanket I’ve started making last week). I was also able to clear out an entire cabinet in our kitchen. I’m quite pleased with how our bedroom is looking, which has made me feel a little better. I plan on going through the rest of our place after the New Year, and talking about it here.

Our tree has been up since Thanksgiving, but with how warm it has been where we live it hasn’t felt like the winter season. I’ve listened to plenty of Christmas music, had hot cocoa and wrapped presents, but for some small (furry) reason Christmas was put on the back burner.

Here’s how we decorated for Christmas this year.

We went through our Christmas decorations with a fine-tooth comb and eliminated a lot of things we’d purchased because they were pretty/”needed” for a festive home. The only decor we have now are: the tree, ornaments, a tree skirt, stockings, window candles and a terra-cotta angel.

Our tree is covered with meaningful ornaments from our childhood and life events that we’ve shared together. This tree is so special to us, and we cannot wait for it to grow with us!

Christmas and work took a back seat for me because we’ve adopted a kitten on Christmas Eve! He’s an older kitten and I’ll talk more about him in another post, but things have been a little crazy trying to get the boys used to hanging out. As I’m writing this post, they’re sleeping three feet from each other (progress has been made!).

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