Blue Snowball Unboxing

We recently bought a Blue snowball microphone to help record our YouTube videos! So, what exactly is in the box? Check it out below!

To start, I can’t say the packaging is too impresive, the box looks like it was designed in the mid 2000’s. contrasting complementary colors and overly colored light sources in the product images. Well, packaging is only packaging. It’s supposedly one of the best entry level microphones you can buy. So let’s get a closer look and not judge this book by it’s cover.

Front of the Blue snowball box.
Front of the box.
Back of the Blue snowball box.
Back of the box.
White inner box that was inside of the outer packaging.
Box inside of the main packaging.
User guide and another box inside of the boxes. No products seen yet.
More boxes! Another box in the box in the main packaging! User guide included.
The snowball is found!
Removing the packaging in the last shot, the snowball is finally found!
The snowballs accessories, USB cable and stand.
Under the snowball, we find the box of accessories(USB cable and stand)
All pieces of the snowball on a white table.
Finally all the parts!
Fully assembled, minus the USB cable.
Final construction, minus the USB cable.

First impressions (without use)

The packaging was very sturdy and clearly has kept the product safe during shipping. However, the microphones weight is multiple times that of the stand! The stand is a cheap chromed plastic. You can only really tell this when touching or adjusting it, so that means something I guess. The redeeming quality is that the feet are rubber which helps it grip surfaces better than if it were just the light plastic. Although this microphone was $60(USD) it makes me think that the stand was really an after thought by the company. At least the microphone feels solid and has a good amount of weight to it. Now I just need get a better stand. This one feels too cheap and unstable to use it for too long.  I think it really should be excluded or raise the price and include a better one so customers get a better first impression of the product.

Now it’s time to go use it to see if it lives up to it’s reviews online! Check back soon for our review!


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