A few months ago, Trevor and I bought four black MARIUS stools. Recently they met a terrible end, thus a bit of shopping needed done!

Lone Survivor

They looked like this:

The MARIUS stools are quite cheap, about $5 USD, and definitely are of the quality you’d expect a $5 stool to be. They kept breaking, thus the amount of people we could sit at out table quickly decreased from 4 people to one. The stool above is the last stool we had.

A Much Needed Makeover

After a bit of looking around, I picked up four FROSTA from IKEA at $19.99 US a piece. They came within a few days; I was impressed!

We couldn’t wait to put them together and have proper chairs for our table! Trevor and I each put two together.

The process is VERY simple, but takes about five minutes per chair. Each stool has twelve screw holes, and screwing them in with the provided hex tool takes a little time. Still, the process is super simple.

After they were put together, we took the time to admire our glorious new stools. Leo was sure to check them out as well.

Look at that color! I wanted something SUPER bright in order to add some life to our crisp white apartment, and this yellow accomplishes that. It’s like the color of spearmint gum! It definitely adds some light to our black and white apartment.

The Results


Here is our eating space before. One, sad, stool underneath a pure white table. The other three had broken over the course of a few months. Slowly, warping and breaking.


I know this color isn’t for everyone, but we absolutely adore it! Here are the stools stacked:

We wanted stools that stack as we don’t have a lot of space in our kitchen. The eating area is a little under 4 feet wide. When we have guests, the table gets pulled out into the middle of the room. When it’s just the two of us, we keep the table in the corner like this:

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