October 2015 Toshiba Laptop Update: Bluetooth and Trackpad

If you have been following along my Toshiba Satellite posts, you should be eager to hear these updates! Some bad news, and some great news about it’s hardware!

Windows 10

Ok, first I would like to discuss my attempts to upgrade to Windows 10. As you may already know I did a few posts about Microsoft’s latest OS(one of my most recent ones is here here). The one linked is where I wrote about my miserable upgrade experience where my key was unable to activate. I have spent an entirety of a full weekend in hours attempting to get things to work and still am receiving an error message from Microsoft stating that my product key has been blocked and to contact the manufacturer. This is despite others reporting no issues with the same model machine.

I have tried installing from my original back up that I made to a flash drive(as discussed in a post here), I have tried, doing a clean install from a clean 8.1 installation. No luck. I tried both again, but these times registering again for the upgrade and waiting for Windows to tell me it was safe to upgrade. Each time getting a ‘blocked product key’ error. I think the only option I haven’t tried yet is extracting the key from the motherboard(through some command line sorcery) and manually entering that after another upgrade to 10.

Personally, though I don’t think I will go through all this trouble. I have already invested what I feel is too many hours researching, wiping, updating and retrying to get it to work, so I think my time is now more valuable then trying yet again for another wipe and reload effort if it fails. I also have taken a liking to 8.1 since being exposed to it on my laptop for so long. So much that I am thinking to purchase a copy for my desktop(so I can use the copy of CS 5.5 that I own). So although I would like to give the final version of Windows 10 a try it looks like it just isn’t in the cards for the near future.

Bluetooth (Intel AC-7260)

Alison B left a comment on the Opening Up The Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5214 post asking about the Bluetooth in the Intel AC-7260. As part of my Windows 10 testing, wiping and reloading. I have tried getting the Bluetooth in this card to work but my efforts have been fruitless. I have tried using Intel’s driver software to detect and install the software as well as finding and downloading the proper files on my own. Each time, they would install but have no effect.

The unfortunate thing is that these drivers are only available in exe format so I went looking in the hidden app data folder to try to find the temp cache of the driver files (hoping they were extracted to a temp folder before install) so I could manually install them but was unable to find what I needed.

So the Bluetooth drivers do install, but I am still greeted with two unknown PCI devices under device manager and no Bluetooth functionality. This doesn’t matter much to me because I don’t have or use any Bluetooth devices(I bought into the Logitech unifying receiver line of products because the battery life is tremendous on their new mice and keyboards). However I know you may want that.

It does stand by itself as a pure WiFi card. It provides fast stable 802.11ac  and as such wireless N in both 2.4 and 5 Ghz as well as all the older standards. It is a great piece of kit if you are looking for wireless access. I just cannot for the life of me get the Bluetooth to work. Who knows, maybe I was just unlucky and Bluetooth is dead on my specific card. Seems odd that the driver would refuse to install as such because the driver is available and does install. I would attempt this at your own risk because I can’t guarantee that bad luck is the reason for my trouble.

WiFi – Max Speed

If you recall, I noticed in my previous testing that I was unable to get more than 20MBps when transferring files between machines using SSD’s that get over 100MBps with hard wired connections. I am still tinkering with my machines and wasn’t able to get Windows to talk to my Linux desktop easily so I put that on the back burner while choosing to instead fight with Windows 10. So no updates here.

Don’t worry, I will test this before the years out if you want to ensure you can get more than 160Mbps max with the Intel AC 7260. I am going to go out on a limb though and guess the limiting factor may be the cheap TrendNET AC router I am using. That really could be where the wireless issues come from. Although I can’t really just take the loss on the cost and go buy another new one right now. Especially when I don’t transfer large files to and from my laptop. So stayed tuned for more in the near future with this. I promise I will get this information to you soon.

Trackpad Issues Resolved!

Resolve your issues by downloading the latest drivers!  http://support.toshiba.com/support/modelHome?freeText=1200009095

This can’t be an entirely negative post, so here is the best for last!

If you own the C55D or one of it’s brethren you may have noticed that the track pad can be a huge pain. On my machine it would freeze up regularly writing posts, surfing the net or doing any amount of work really. Well as of now you can kiss those problems good-bye.

I had wiped and reloaded my machine so many times and was attempting to get Bluetooth working so I found myself on the Toshiba support website for the first time in months. I was looking for any and all updates for core components that may help my unknown devices go away. It was here I noticed that there was a recent driver released for the trackpad! Looks like a few of them have made their way live over the past few months and I can confirm that the latest version as of this writing has solved all my track pad woes. No more freezing, poor response times and other cooperativeness. I can FINALLY use this machine without worrying of when it will act up.

The C55D-B5214 (at least my model) has a trackpad of the ELAN variety and once the driver for this device was installed everything started working without issue. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you follow my post on how to do a clean install of Windows 8.1 to rid your machine of the bloatware and possible software conflicts. Then load only the software you need. I am not sure if this matters for trackpad usability but ridding your machine of bloatware is worth the effort regardless. Your machine will thank you with speed, reliability and hopefully stability too. I am finally excited to use my laptop daily just because I don’t have to worry about fighting with the mouse when I don’t have my travel mouse plugged in.

UPDATE: My trackpad has had a few bouts of lagging since I write this post. However, I am not sure if this is related, but I changed the notification tray icon to be static instead of using the dynamic icon and it seems to have improved the responsiveness. So give it a shot if you are still having issues. It can’t hurt. Regardless my trackpad is freezing up substantially less frequently than with the older driver.

ELAN trackpad settings window.
You can change the icon settings here. Right click the icon in the tray or go through control panel to get to the mouse properties where you can find these settings.

I hope you found these updates useful, and if you did, please like, subscribe, and share this post with others!


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3 thoughts on “October 2015 Toshiba Laptop Update: Bluetooth and Trackpad”

  1. Re: windows 10 upgrade
    I found that I had to make sure all win 8 and win 8.1 “updates” were installed before the win 10 upgrade worked.
    The windows update also “hung” several times.

  2. Hi Philip, thanks for sharing!

    Regarding Windows, everything upgrades fine, but for some reason the key is always listed as being ‘BLOCKED’ from Microsoft and they say I need to contact the manufacturer. I haven’t done so yet as currently my desktop is down for an OS reload and my laptop is functioning as my main machine. Looks like I am having a stroke of bad luck because you and others are reporting that the upgrade has worked without issue. I am very puzzled 😕 .

    For the WiFi: I am wondering if it may be another anomaly. I actually just had a WiFi transfer to my home server using 5400/7200RPM drives run at 50 Megabytes per second(400 Megabits). I got my home server up and running this week and was transferring data between an external USB 3 enclosure containing a 5400RPM drive and sending it wirelessly to a 7200RPM drive on the server. This makes me wonder if there is some kind of firmware issue on my SSD or perhaps some kind of issue with my internal SATA connection that caps it at a max of 20 Megabytes per second.

    I think I will have to try tossing in an SSD to my external enclosure and testing again. It looks like the WIFI works as advertised, but something on my system is preventing it from it’s full potential. Of course, my cheap AC router may also be part of the problem. I am looking to upgrade that early next year as it’s giving me connectivity issues now.

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