10 Fun Ideas For Fall

We here at NautilusMODE love fall! It’s our favorite season. Warm sweatshirts, bluejeans, cozy blankets and warm beverages will soon be all the way back into style. So, with the cooler weather and changing of the seasons officially upon us, here are 10 fun ideas for you to do this fall.

1. Enjoy seasonal flavors

Yes, it’s that time of year when everything pumpkin comes out of the woodwork. However this year, don’t mindlessly consume your favorite fall themed items! Save them for the days that really feel the most like the season. Say no to over consumerization of this season and be very picky with how often you enjoy the flavors. If you have ever over dosed on pumpkin spice or apple flavors, you probably have already learned your lesson like I have in years past. Moderation will help you appreciate the flavors you love more!

2. Camping

With cooler weather now here, it’s the perfect time for camping. Cool nights may help you sleep better whether you are in a tent or camper. In addition the campfire becomes much more inviting when the evenings get dark faster and are cooler. What’s better than warming yourself by the fire on a cool calm autumn evening or morning?

3. Backyard campfire

Like camping but more people will be willing to spend the time with you. Warm up on these cooler nights with friends and family. No yard? Surely you know someone with at least a fireplace. All else fails, drag everyone out to a park or public space that permits it. I do suggest you have one rule when around the campfire, no technology. Electronics are great and all, but usually they tend to dominate our interactions with others once they come into the picture. Put them in your pocket where they can help keep you warm and enjoy the company of others.

4. Watch the sun rise(over the morning fog) or set

The sun is now rising later in the morning, making this much easier than getting up with the sun in the summer. Sunrises are pretty, but a crisp cool morning with the sun poking through the fog is a sight you won’t forget. This assumes you live in an area where fog is a key feature in the season. If you don’t get morning fog, enjoy the view anyway! Try this out on your next day off. All else, it will help you feel more productive as you can use your morning for what you want instead of sleeping in!

On the flip side, if you are never a morning person, you can watch the sun set over the fall foliage. Is it possible to get a prettier view than that? Bonus points if you complete both, and a x2 multiplier if you do it in the same day!

5. Fall foliage tour

If you live in an area with deciduous trees(those that lose their leaves), be sure to look up a foliage map to know when leaves will be changing! The muted burn of mountains and groves are something to be seen when in full force. Bonus points if you combine this activity with a sunrise or sunset!

6. Leaf maze

A leaf maze? Yes, a leaf maze. When I was growing up and helped raked leaves with my dad and brother we made sure we had some fun while doing it. Before scooping up all the leaves, rake out a maze pattern leaving leaves for boundaries. We would then play tag with the rules that you had to chase after each other without crossing the boundaries! I am sure there are dozen of other games you can play using this idea as a base, so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!

7. Corn maze

Ok, so you can’t make one of these unless you own a corn field. However if you get a chance head out to a corn maze for an afternoon of fun. Best enjoyed with friends it’s a great diversion from your regular activities.

8. Farmers market

It’s the harvest season, so farmer’s markets should be popping up all over if they aren’t a staple in your area. Nothing is better than fresh fruits and vegetables and many times you can also get home-made baked goods as well. Support your local farmers and enjoy what’s currently in season!

9. Fall festival/event

Even in small towns, more events seem to happen in the fall. Take some time to attend a craft fair, concert or celebration of the season nearest you. No it doesn’t even need to be fall themed. Just get outside and enjoy the change in weather.

10. Volunteer/Donate

As the weather gets colder and the holidays start to creep up on us, now is just as good as any time to volunteer to help others out, give donations or some of your time with service. There are many families in need in every community and as it gets colder out it will become harder for them to stay warm and provide food for themselves or their families. So go through your old clothes and find coats, gloves and blankets to donate to local shelters. However people aren’t the only ones in need. Visit your local animal shelters too and donate left over pet supplies or find out what they need and purchase it for them.

While I was in Boy Scouts one of my favorite fall philanthropy events(say that 10 times fast) was Scouting for food. We paired up with adults and leaders to distribute donation bags to help fill the local food pantry. We would all gather at our usual weekly meeting location(a local church) and then disperse in waves with maps to cover the neighborhood. Then the next weekend(or was it two weekends?) we would reconvene and then disperse once more filling cars with food ready for the food pantry that residents left out for us to collect. At each event the leaders always had hot cocoa and cookies/doughnuts for all who showed up to help.

If nothing like this exists in your community, try searching around for information. If you still come up empty handed and want to start such a donation drive, contact your  local government to find out what is required to organize an event yourself.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found these ideas inspiring and if you complete any of them, show them to us! Post your picks to Instagram using #NautilusMODEFallFun. We will see how many we can complete ourselves before Winter arrives December 21st!

If you have any other fun ideas for fall, let us know in the comments below!


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