Camping Light: Clothing

It is all too easy to pack your bag to the brim with clothes you don’t need, especially when your intended trip is camping in the middle of nowhere. The difficulty lies in determining what you truly need and what you think would be nice to have as a luxury. Read on for a jump start in your process!

Trevor posted this gallery of our most recent camping excursion. This was the very first camping trip Trevor and I have been on together, as well as the first camping trip either of us have packed lightly for. Having been a Girl Scout to completion, I tend to live by the motto “be prepared.” Trevor is the same way, being an Eagle Scout.

In terms of clothing, you only need to bring a small amount. If you have special clothing purchased for hiking, pack that along. Otherwise, I recommend these guidelines:

  1. Shirts and pants: take only enough for each day. We wore one pair of pants for two days, knowing if they became too dirty to wear, we could wash them in the bathroom. We packed long and short sleeves for this trip, as well as layers, to remain as versatile as possible.

  1. Extras and undergarments: I packed one outside layer for when it was colder. I also packed enough underwear for each day, plus one. Since we camped in early spring, long underwear was a must for night time! I took enough socks for each day and a pair of thick socks for night time.

From here, we pack it all into a bag! I like to pack my camping gear in fully washable bags. I tend to use this Vera Bradley diaper bag when camping or heading outdoors. I’m sure the company would be appalled at the use of their quilted bag, but I find it to work perfectly.

Rolling clothing helps you cram more in small spaces, supposedly. I don’t know if that’s true, but rolling clothing definitely helps to keep me organized when camping. I rolled all of my things for this trip, except my bras. I cared for those as normal; as gentle as possible.

Could you get by on a weekend camping trip with this little? I still managed to have extra clothing we didn’t use! Please share your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Camping Light: Clothing”

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      Thank you for the suggestion (cross-blog promotion is always allowed, especially if the resource is relevant)!

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