Using the Best Things You Have

When living minimally, one of the things you need to get used to is using the best things you have every day. This is because the only things you own are the “best” items to you. A common example is dinnerware. Trevor and I had daily dishes, special occasion dishes and an incomplete set of dishes I’d had in college. No household needs three sets of dishes. We ditched everything during our home purge, as we didn’t really like any of them, and picked up a set that we truly enjoy seeing all day every day.

Before I’d embraced a minimalist philosophy I felt that the best things I owned should be for special occasions, that they should be used for my lifetime and I should take extra care with them.

I’m not sure where this thinking came from in our society. Perhaps the Victorian or Gregorian eras, were having guests meant showing only the highest hospitality capable. Somehow this included breaking out the fancy china? I’m not sure…

All I know is this: today people are weary about using the best things they have. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace using the best items you own:

1. Consumerism At Its Finest

One of the benefits of consumerism in our lives is that we can replace our best items once we use them up, wear them out, or break them.

For example, fine china isn’t as individualized as it used to be, and you can easily replace your mass-produced china when you break a dish. Some manufacturers even have websites were you can purchase the single piece you broke.

Another example is clothing or handbags. Societally we don’t typically make the handbags, or clothes, we run around in. When an item of clothing, or a bag, wears out you can purchase a replacement.

2. Pamper Yourself

China and fancy wine is typically saved for guests, but shouldn’t you show yourself some love? I make it a point to buy the best things I can for our household, regardless of what the item is. This means we go through beer, wine, food, etc. at a slower pace for enjoyment.

If you enjoy the china you own, why not look at it every day? A plate is a plate is a plate is a plate. Use what you love, every day. Spent $300USD on a pair of shoes you absolutely adore? Great, they’ll probably last a decade, so wear the heck out of them!

3. Re-enstate the Dying Art of Appreciation

This is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy using the best things I own. When we use things that aren’t the best we own, we’re really using a stand-in item. You really like that bone china from the early 1900’s, but you don’t want it to break…so you’ll use the stuff from Walmart.

What that set from Walmart breaks, do you use the china? No, you purchase another set of dishes to use in the place of the china.

Wearing my best dress, or my best shoes, helps me to be more appreciative in general. I appreciate the people who made the object, first and foremost. I appreciate that I am lucky enough to be able to afford the item, even if I did snag it on clearance. I also appreciate how beautiful the item is.

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