Embracing Minimalism: Sale Prep and Options, Part Six

You’ve cleared out all your junk, organized it into piles and taken care of the donations and trash. Now you’re left with a massive sell pile. Okay, maybe yours isn’t massive, but ours is! The pile we’ve constructed is almost completely all furniture. Where do you go from here? How do you sell it all? Keep reading, my friends.

Let me show you our sell items:

Daunting? Definitely. Let’s discuss the different ways we can go about selling this junk.


Since its 2015, we’ll start this discussion with online sale methods. If you’ve got a camera, an internet connection and Paypal you’re ready for action.

Amazon Trade-In

This is the easiest method, by far. At Amazon, click the “Trade-In” section and search your ISBN. It’s that simple. If the book/movie/game/game console/game accessory is being accepted, it will turn up in the results. If not you can keep the item and check again later, or move on to another method of discarding.

You can trade up to $1800 USD at one time, which is great. So far, I’ve traded a total of about $144 USD.  Could I have made more money elsewhere? Probably, but this is the easiest method and Amazon covers the cost of shipping.


This is another great resource because it allows you to reach a higher volume of people that are farther away. I don’t recommend selling big things, but little items would be fine. Think movies, collectables, or things that are easily mailed.


Craigslist is where I’ve attempted to sell a lot of the larger pieces. I live in rural America, so it didn’t go very well. I feel I would have been more successful around people with similar taste to mine(most people decorate country, or “shabby chic,” around here and we’re quite modern) and a higher volume of people.

Yard/Garage Sale

This is how I plan to ditch most of our unwanted goods and my favorite method. We’ve got a rather busy schedule, with sales on the following dates:

  • 4/24 and 4/25
  • 5/2
  • 5/9

Pricing your items is the worst part. You have to be sure you’re “priced to sell” in order to ditch your goods. It isn’t about recouping the cost of the item you paid money for, it is about getting cash for an item you would have otherwise trashed or donated. I’ve found a lot of sellers make the mistake of trying to recoup part of the cost of an item, but the item won’t well. People hit yard sales for steep discounts on decent goods, play to their wishes.

Newspaper Ad

If you’ve got a simple item, or a great way to describe your item that makes visual sense, make a newspaper advertisement. Think carefully, however, as this requires you to leave a method of contact. I would recommend creating an email account specifically for sales, and listing that email.

I have not tried this method as the furniture I have is very contemporary, or modern. As mentioned, this style is quite different from what the majority of the population around me decorates with. I’d rather save my money and sell at a yard sale.

Antique Shops

Maybe you’ve got some items that were handed down to you, or that your great great grandmother made. Take those items to a couple of Antique Shops around you and see how much they’d be willing to offer.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying to ditch everything that was handed down, or made by a relative. What I am saying is, relatives often don’t consider your feelings (or personal taste) when passing on an heirloom (what’s the point of passing on objects?).

I don’t have anything passed down that I’m getting rid of. We’ve been fairly selective, having only have a desk that was my mothers and a quilt that has been in Trevor’s family for several generations.

2 thoughts on “Embracing Minimalism: Sale Prep and Options, Part Six”

  1. I sold a patio table ‘n 4 chairs set by setting them up by the side of the thru-street in our neighborhood on a Saturday morning with the umbrella up and a for sale sign attached. Sat there reading a book till it sold.

  2. Nice! It is strange how much effort is required sometimes; I feel the bigger items tend to sell themselves. That’s a great idea to try!

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