How To Clean Install Windows 8.1

Have you reinstalled Windows 8.1 only to find that the OEM pre-installed software stayed on the machine?  I recently found an article online that explains how to get a clean fresh install for you PC.

If you have read my previous post Thoughts: Toshiba Satellite with Windows 8.1 you may know that I was surprised by the amount of bloatware on my PC and that it wasn’t really removable.  Earlier this year Lenovo found itself in a bad position regarding a particularly bad piece of software preinstalled as part of it’s bundled software(the offending software being named Superfish).  As part of this issue, Ars Technica did some research and posted an article on how to get a clean install of Windows for your machine to remove all the software your OEM has packaged onto your PC.

This guide(as well as links to the initial issue within the article) can be found here:

CAUTION:  Just one thing I will note is that be sure you have things backed up and that you are comfortable with the changes.  Worst case is that the process fails and you will need to reinstall.  So if you are not tech savy, please consult your local geek if you want to have this done.  You could loose your files and or a working PC. Perform this at your own risk.

I recently followed the guide myself and am now running a much more responsive and stable system having removed all the extra’s that came installed on my Toshiba C55D-B5214.  If you are looking to get a clean install, please take a read and follow their instructions.

I found this article quite helpful so I hope it serves you just as well.  Were you already aware of the process outlined in the article or have already done this in a different manner?  Feel free to share in the comments below!


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