Embracing Minimalism: March 2015 Bedroom Progress

Since I’ve been going on about this topic for a bit, I thought I’d show you where we stand at the end of March. We have a two bedroom, one bath apartment that is 700 square feet. I’ve taken photos of the bedroom to share with you, as that’s where the most progress has taken place.

The biggest hurdle for us, I feel, has been storing the items we intend to sell. They are all over the place, as we don’t have enough room for everything to fit in one room. We hope to sell off everything at a yard sale in May at my sister-in-law’s (her neighbor is having an auction that day, so we’re quite hopeful!), and another yard sale in May at my mom’s. Nothing is guaranteed, but it is definitely worth a shot!

Just after the initial purge at the beginning of the month:

At the end of March:

I hope these photos inspire you in your own ventures, and that you’re clean-out will be thorough and timely.

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