8 Ways To Keep Your Phone or Tablet Running Like New

Ever bought a new phone or tablet only to find it under performing after a few months of use? Help reduce it’s sluggishness with these tips!

  1. Reboot – Rebooting your phone/tablet works just like your PC, it clears out extra background tasks and closes unused applications. In addition it should also clear up any issues caused by poorly coded apps that may be running amok in the background.
  2. Uninstall Unused Apps – If you are no longer using an app on your device, it is best to uninstall it. Not only will it free up space, but it can reduce the amount of background processes that run when your phone starts.
  3. Close Unused Apps – When you use your device, most often apps are not closed when you exit out of them. Overtime this can create quite a number of applications all using resources. Completely closing out of unused apps frees up resources allowing your device to run faster. (Not sure how to close apps? A quick search online should find you the answer you need.)
  4. Install Apps Only From Trusted Sources – Although the app stores attempt to keep their offerings safe, there are many malicious and poorly coded applications that can harm you and your device. Be smart and only install applications from trusted sources and that ask for appropriate permissions. This will help prevent you from having data stolen as well as decrease the likely hood of the app hogging resources or interfering with other applications.
  5. Clear Application Usage – Web browser running slow? Clearing your history, cache and cookies may help. Messaging sluggish? Try clearing out old messages you no longer need and even adjusting the maximum number of texts it keeps. Any apps information that can be cleared when no longer needed should be cleared. Reducing the total information the app has to manage or keep track of will free up resources and should give a performance boost.
  6. Clean Up Your Files – Just like a PC, phones and tablets can start to have issues when critically low on space. If you find yourself maxed out on space, backup any old photos and videos you have to your computer and remove what you can from your device. Perhaps you just have apps? If that is the case it may be time to pick a few to remove for good.
  7. Factory Reset – Factory resets are the best way to resolve issues after major software updates, and sometimes minor ones too. Just be sure to back up all your data before doing so. The process essentially reinstalls or refreshes the OS to the device clearing out any errors in configurations or temp files that have gone without proper clean up.
  8. Drain Your Battery – If your battery meter just doesn’t seem accurate anymore it’s time to fully drain your device. Most often phones and tablets are recharged before they completely die which after a while can lead to calibration issues. Completely draining the battery helps reset this to give you a better estimate on how long the device can run while unplugged.

By following these tips you should find new life in your device. Are there other tips that you do that I haven’t included? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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