DIY: Personalize Your 2015 Filofax

If you checked out my Filofax unboxing post, or are the proud owner of a brand new Filofax, I’m sure you noticed the inserts it comes with are bland and boring. Here are a few ways you can customize your Filofax in order to make it into something you love, and functional for you.

 First Things First

Before making my planner pretty, I knew I needed to have a good idea of all the things I wanted to keep inside of it. I digitally made a table of contents, made changes and rearranged it until I was happy, then later hand-wrote it on graph paper. This table of contents told me everything I needed to know: how many dividers I’d need, how many section dividers, and what topics I found important enough to keep with me all day.

Planner table of contents, 2015 Filofax Domino.

Next I chose a color theme. I knew I didn’t want a bunch of super bright colors. That’s just not my style. I settled on a fairly mono-chromatic black, white, grey, gold, and hot-pink. This color scheme steered my every move with personalizing. This dictated paper colors, and marker, and pen colors whenever it was possible to choose the color.


Using grey card stock, I made my dividers. I made them 6 3/4in by 4in. on the side that was 4in, I marked where I wanted my tab to be. Every were else, I cut the width to 3 3/4in.

After I had my dividers cut out I labeled them all with black sharpie. I added a touch of gold with a drawing and a quote in hot pink.

2015 Filofax: tabs close-up.

2015 Filofax: tabbed dividers.

Create Your Own Pages

I cut up graph paper to use in my Filofax. To do this, I measured out 6 3/4in by 3 3/4in. Then, I used a paper punch to round the corners.

2015 Filofax: cut-to-size paper with rounded corners.

Add Some Decoration

To add more pizzazz, I printed images off Google to tape on the back of my dividers. I wanted something fun to look at in each section that was inspirational to me. Then, to add more of the gold sharpie, I went over parts of the images. This added an element of interest to the flat images I’d printed, and tied them into my color theme. It was such a fun touch to add!

2015 Filofax: printed photo.

2015 Filofax: printed nautilus

Additionally, I picked up some gold Kate Spade paperclips. This further emphasized my color scheme and added a little sophisticated humor.

2015 Filofax: kate spade clips.

2015 Filofax: ampersand clip.

2015 Filofax: clip party!

A couple weeks ago I’d ordered a photo album to house memories from our travels. Unfortunately, the album was so cheaply made the seams on the plastic photo-slots would separate…only on the top slot. It was junk. So junky, in fact, I could break the embellishment on the front off with my fingers. I did, and saved it. I attached it to my travel wish list for some fun!

2015 Filofax: silver plane

My calendar needed a key for Trevor to interpret our schedule, so I created this cute little “carpe diem” flag. Un-obstructive, it hangs out on the current week saying “CARPE DIEM” on one side, as the other side houses the color-coded key to my calendar.

2015 Filofax: Carpe Diem.

2015 Filofax: Key


There are dozens of free printables online you can use to add some flair to your organizer, or you can use them as inspiration. I scoured Pinterest in order to find pins about printables, then used them as inspiration for my own pages.

Using a word processor I made this image, based off a printable I’d found on Pinterest. Then, I outlined and filled using my trusty gold sharpie. Cute, huh?

2015 Filofax: Love printable.

2 thoughts on “DIY: Personalize Your 2015 Filofax”

    1. It does! When I first got my Domino, I did bend back the sides along the spine. I know this might sound cringe-worthy, but there aren’t any marks from it. If that idea makes you squeamish, don’t worry. It should remain flat when filled.

      Something to note is that the band will “mark” the covers with indentations when you have the Domino open on a table. In the right light there is residual “scaring,” but it isn’t too noticeable straight on.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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