Unboxing: Filofax Domino Personal Organizer

Interested in purchasing a Filofax? Check it out before you buy.

I did a ton of research before purchasing this organizer. I was keeping track of things, but I had five or six binders with all the information I was trying to keep track of. After realizing this method wasn’t sustainable, I began my search for an organizer.

I knew I wanted something that would fit in my bag, or could easily be carried around. The A5 Filofax is just too huge, and the two smaller sizes are incredibly small. I settled on the Domino for about $35 USD on Amazon. I got the planner in two business days.

You can view product information on Amazon.com by clicking here.


Filofax Domino Personal in packaging and ready to be opened.

Filofax Domino Personal in packaging.

Filofax Domino Personal, band off.

Filofax Domino Personal, open with inserts.

Filofax Domino Personal, dividers.

Filofax Domino Personal, ruler and to-do.

Filofax Domino Personal, week on two pages layout.

Filofax Domino Personal lined paper.

Filofax Domino Personal grid and blank paper.

Filofax Domino Personal clear pocket.

Filofax Domino Personal front interior.

Filofax Domino Personal back interior.

Filofax Domino Personal full interior.

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