Our 2014 Christmas Tree

Decorating a tree doesn’t have to be intimidating, or expensive. I mixed inexpensive and expensive ornaments to achieve this earthy, yet festive, Christmas look.

In 2011 I went slightly crazy. I wanted to have Christmas decorations for our first wedded holiday season already purchased and planned. With our wedding in early November 2012, I wanted to have Christmas taken care of so Trevor and I could focus on getting thank-you cards out, mailing gifts, sending out holiday cards, calling family members we wouldn’t see for the holidays…

We hit day-after Christmas sales and scored big, long story short.

I had a theme in mind: mono-tone neutrals. Most of the ornaments I chose have white, or cream, on them to help the theme tie together.

First we hit Bon-Ton. Having worked there in the past, I knew they had crazy good deals on Christmas decor post-holiday. All the ornaments we picked up at Bon-Ton were 75% off on December 26th.

I snagged six of these beautiful porcelain snowflakes with gold and silver painted details. The detail on these blew my mind, and I decided to keep my eyes open for ornaments with metallic gold and silver on them as well. Here’s what I found:

Trevor enjoyed the art style of these ball-ornaments. They’re a creamy white, with silver snowy tree silhouettes. When the tree lights hit them, they have a wonderful soft glow.

These pine-cone ornaments are hollow, molded, glass. They’ve got silver-leaf foil on the inside of them, that is rather imperfect. This allows light to shine through them.

After, we headed to Target.

These cranberry branch inserts were $1 US each. Pricey? A little, but they add a little somthin’ somthin’…don’t you think?

Now, I try to avoid Walmart at all costs. I’ll pay two more cents to buy something at Target rather than Walmart, because I find the over-all experience worth that. For whatever reason, we hit Walmart that year.

These two ornaments came in a pack, along with others I didn’t use here, of 40 ornaments for $5 US. I’m sorry… did you say $5? Yes, I’ll take four!

We lovingly call these our “snowballs”. They are shatterproof plastic, and VERY shimmery. Although they’re cheap, these ornaments really jazz up this tree.

I’m not a fan of these silver ornaments, and I mostly use them to fill in any holes that are in my decorating. You can see the seam, and the look SUPER cheap, but they get the job done. They’re shiny, they’re metallic, they’re silver, they fit in well.

The holiday season of 2012 we were given this beautiful ornament to commemorate our first Christmas.

From Hallmark, this ornament fits my theme beautifully. I absolutely adore the two hanging snowflakes coated in enamel. They’re so cute!

Lastly, the topper.

I have a “proper” tree topper, but I wanted something more casual for this year.I took four feet of wide burlap ribbon, made a bow, and secured it onto the tippy-top of our tree. It really finishes the look!

Although I threw this tree together in an hour, Leo was exhausted from the excitement.

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