Photo Journal: Gettysburg

In order to celebrate our wedding anniversary every year, we try to travel somewhere new (cheaply). This year we hit two years of marriage and six years of being together, so I wanted to do something different: Gettysburg Battlefields on Halloween. Oooooooooooo!

If you’re considering this trip, here are a few tips for you:

  1. Downtown Gettysburg closes up by 8pm. If you’ve got a shop you want to hit, be sure to do it during the day.
  2. The guided ghost tours fill up FAST, but none of them go to the military park. If you want to hit the park at night, save your money on the gimmicky tours and DIY.
  3. Be sure to grab a map at the park visitor center. They’re kept outside by the shuttle station, and they’re free.
  4. While the majority of the park is open until 10pm, there are sections that are only open until 7pm (check the signs on the side of the road.) Park rangers do patrol in order to enforce curfew.
  5. According to the park website, it takes about two hours to see the park with the driving tour. This doesn’t include stopping to read monuments, exploring Devil’s Den, walking the wheat field…all of which we recommend.

Was this a romantic trip? Absolutely not, but it was a fun and spooky way for us to spend Halloween weekend.

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