Product Review: Logitech Gamepad F310 / F510 / F710

Looking for a good PC gamepad?  How about one that is recognized by default as an Xbox 360 controller in Windows but also supports direct input used in classic games?  If so, look no further than the Logitech Gamepad F310 or it’s siblings the F510 and F710.

[2015/09/08: Updated to correct receiver information] The original version of this article incorrectly stated that the wireless variant used the unifying receiver. It uses its own device specific receiver and this article has been updated to reflect this.

The Controllers

Logitech F310 & F510
(Top)F510 Controller including button to disable vibration feedback. (Bottom)F310 Controller

The F series of controllers are a family of controllers developed by Logitech.  The F310 is a wired USB controller that does not have vibration or rumble feature.  The discontinued(at least in North America) F510 is also wired USB but contains rumble/vibration as well as a rubberized grip, similar to the F710.  The F710, which I do not own, is the wireless variant in the family; having Logitech’s proprietary receiver as well as vibration feedback.  These controllers are priced between $20 and $50 USD depending on which model you are looking for and where you are looking.

Usability / Performance

Speaking to the controllers I own, the F310 and F510 have solid construction.  The 310 is light weight comparing it to others such as Microsoft’s own wired Xbox 360 controller.  However the F510 controllers weight is more in line with a standard 360 controller as well as others that include vibration feedback.

The controller buttons have a pleasing slight ‘click’ when depressed and have a wonderful balance of resistance allowing ease of use without unintentional presses.  The buttons also are constructed in such a way that I have never had any of the keys bind up or stick while using them.  Both of these features make for a great gaming experience by ensuring you have enough controller feedback to know that buttons have been pressed as well as having nothing get in the way of pressing them.


  • F310 and F510 have a six feet USB cord  for distance PC gaming or using them with Steam / a  Media PC in your living room.
  • A hardware switch allows you to change from XInput to DirectInput.
  • Floating 4 Point D-Pad lets you feel each directional press click individually instead of floating from a center axis.*
  • Full Xbox 360 button layout including pressable Logitech ‘Home’ button and analog triggers.
  • Includes software to remap button inputs form Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • F710 uses 2 AA batteries as well as a controller specific nano receiver which lets you keep it plugged into your machine without worry of it being caught on objects.
  • F510 and F710 have a button to disable vibration feedback.
Logitech Gamepad F310/510/710 Input Switch
The input switch allows you to pick Direct Input (older games) or X Input (newer games).


  • Although XInput mode in Windows sees this controller as an Xbox 360 controller, these controllers will not work with an Xbox 360.  I have confirmed this through my own testing.
  • There is no indicator or light to tell you which controller is what player as the 360. Previously this was a feature the Microsoft controller had that Logitech did not, however the new Xbox One controllers lack this feature as well.


Designed and marketed for Windows only, these gamepads can work with OS X and Linux with the proper software or drivers, although support can’t be guaranteed.  As this family of controllers is one of the most popular for PC’s you should find user support and help readily available on your platform of choice.


If you are looking for a PC controller to support old as well as new games any one of these are certainly worth your consideration and hard earned money.

However, if you only casually play modern titles on Windows only and also have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One it would probably make more sense to purchase a wireless adapter(for the 360) and reuse what you have.  If you need a dedicated controller and you fit the above criteria, then you may also want to consider another console controller so you have another on hand for occasional multiplayer sessions.

I personally am very satisfied owning both the F310 as well as the F510 controller.  I prefer the F510, but unfortunately they are no longer listed on Logitech’s US site.  However, according to a forum post by a Logitech rep, you may be able to still purchase the F510 through them directly.  The post originates from 2012 and references this controller being available in select European countries.  The details can be found in this forum post here.  If you have the opportunity to snag the F510, I would recommend it over the F310, however both are solid choices for PC gaming.  Unfortunately I cannot speak on behalf of the F710 for it’s wireless performance or battery life, but I think it’s safe to say from experiencing the other controllers that this one would have the same build quality and durability.

*/** Detailed information taken from Logitech’s website on the products: F310 / F710.

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Logitech Gamepad F310 / F510 / F710”

    1. Hi George,

      I am terribly sorry for the confusion and misinformation! I apologize. I have updated the article to correct this error. Thank you for bringing this to my attention so others can have the correct information!

  1. Sorry I feel like i need to reply to this, I find this to be totally inaccurate. Please can someone tell me which select few games (and obviously it is a few) that this controller actually works with. It seems to me that this controller is quite useless really. I cannot get it to work on any of the games I have played. Quite pointless, a waste of $36 which I am sure the Source is not going to refund. Buy at your own risk I guess.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting your controller to work with your games. What operating system are you using? If you are using Windows the controller is automatically detected as an Xbox 360 controller while having the switch on the back set to X for x-input mode. If you are playing older games that use direct input you can switch it to D to enable support.

      To get direct input working you will need to install some drivers. On Windows you can install Logitechs Gaming Software available here: This will enable you to fully customize the key input on the controller to map any button to any key on the keyboard.

      If you are running Mac or Linux there is other software that can be installed that does the same thing. Please let me know what system you are using so I can help get it working. So long as the game lists controller support any of F series controllers should work without an issue(although may require some set up). I have used mine for 2D games as well as Half Life 2 and TF2 on Windows.

      One more thing, I did find that if I plug in the controller after launching a game it wont be detected or cause glitches in the game. For hassle free use, I recommend plugging in the controller before launching your game. If you are still having issues, restart any gaming service such as Steam/Origin/UPlay etc and try again.

  2. Hi, I heard about the recent issues of the f510 and f310 having deadzone issues? have those issues been fixed with the recent f510 and f310 controllers?

    Also other questions..
    -Will this work with a ps3 console as a second controller for split screen play
    -Is this good for online gaming? <<Not sure if mentioned in the review
    -How is it for shooters (first and third person) and racing?

  3. Hi ling,

    I haven’t heard about the deadzone issues, and I have relatively older versions. My F310 being about 6 years old and my F510 being about 3 years old. So if there are any bad runs, I would suggest watching reviews for them to clear up before purchasing or do so knowing you may need to return or send it in for replacement.

    Will this work on a PS3?
    Unfortunately not. Although it has the same for factor of a PS controller, it works in Windows like a 360 Controller and is identified properly as a Logitech game pad. These will only work on computers.

    How is it for online gaming?
    It works just as well as any other controller I have used. It’s very responsive and the joysticks have just as much travel as a 360 controller.

    How is it for shooters?
    This depends on the game and if it has native controller support. I have used it to play TF2 and Half Life 2 and found it to be a decent experience. However as HL2 was designed with keyboard and mouse in mind it was harder to play using a controller. TF2 was rather enjoyable though and I only found issues with some of the interface requiring keyboard presses to get to as there weren’t a button interface(that I know of) to get to some of the options such as loadouts etc.

    I do light PC gaming so I can’t vouch for their durability long term even though I have owned them for quite some time. I actually use them more for game design than playing games. For that they are great!

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