Nintendo Store: Deals – Accessories & Refurbished Systems

Still looking for additional Nintendo Deals?  Look no further as this week I will let you know a way to purchase systems and accessories directly from Nintendo in USA/Canada.

After writing up my post last week regarding the multiple promotions and bundles available for the Wii U, one of my friends asked about any deals for the 3DS XL.  Although there are no sales that I am currently aware of I do know of a website where you can snag a refurbished system for considerably less than at chain stores such as GameStop as well as purchase accessories and other parts.

I am of course talking about Nintendo’s own online store ( – a link is found on the bottom of the page on the main site:  I have used this site in years past to purchase accessories and replacement parts for my GAME BOY Advance, SNES and NES from yesteryear.   So what kind of awesome deals do they have?

Refurbished 3DS/XL/2DS

Currently in the US store, you can purchase a refurbished 3DS XL (in a variety of colors depending on availability) for only $150 USD.  They also have regular 3DS’s (but only in Pink at the time of writing) for as low as $95 USD and 2DS’s for $90 USD.

These refurbished systems are held up to Nintendo’s quality of repairs which I have experienced first hand and have been truly impressed.  I have had to send my GameCube and Limited Edition Legend of Zelda DS Lite in for repair and received refurbished units as replacements.  Both systems looked brand new with no signs of wear or damage.  However, purchasing from the store may be a different experience as the DS was brand new(with repair needed as the screen was tinted pink) and I am sure they made sure that I received a comparable unit in return.  My GameCube was a few years old at its time of repair(unexpected freezing), but looked brand new and I received a unit that looked as good if not even better than my original in return.  The replacement GameCube still works to this day.

Refurbished Wii U

If you were unable to participate in the Wii U sales this past week, you can purchase a 32GB Black Wii U with Nintendo Land for $200 on the store as well.


Looking at buying a Wii U or a Wii game that requires Motion Plus adapter but have a vintage set of Wii Remotes?  Don’t think that you need new controllers or have to subject yourself to cheap knockoff brands of the previously marketed Wii Remote Motion Plus Adapter. For about $20 USD you can purchase one directly from Nintendo themselves.  So for the cost of two new controllers, you can outfit an entire set of 4 original remotes to be Wii Motion Plus game ready.

But Wait, There’s More

There are plenty of other parts, accessories and systems available directly from Nintendo, so go check out Nintendo’s online store if you are in the market for accessories or refurbished systems.

Know of any other places to find cheaper reliable new or used game systems?  Let me know!  Post in the comments below!

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