Edit The Now!

! What’s that? NautilusMode is evolving?! Yep, that’s right, we are back to creating content but with a brand new site that is more focused than ever before. Actually we have multiple sites.

Edit The Now

Edit the now is picking up right where we left off. It will be more content about our lives and how we live different. From lifestyle, living with intent, focusing on the moment and how editing the now can change your life.

Trevor’s Desk

Looking for more tech content? You can stop by Trevor’s Desk to see what he is up to. Instead of product reviews and Windows help, he has moved on to describing what life is life from his desk which is where he spends most of his waking hours. New content includes personal thoughts and stories of all things that land on his desk. Don’t expect more of the old content though. He will dive into tech problems/solutions but not in the same manner. Mostly as he now has a Mac and is focusing more on his hobbies Game Design and digital art, that he hopes to share.

Living Simple When Your Partner Doesn’t

One of our YouTube subscribers had shared that they are more enthusiastic about living simple than their family is, which can be tough sometimes. We’re sure it can be! The clutter, the mess and the excess are all things you have to contend with when you’re more keen on living simple than your family and sometimes it can feel like you’re the lone ranger, tackling the stuff solo. For your family, you getting rid of your things might seem a little nuts! This week we’re sharing our suggestions on how to make home life a little more peaceful, for all parties involved, because life isn’t about stuff! Continue reading “Living Simple When Your Partner Doesn’t”

Shopping As An Essentialist

Truthfully this wasn’t an area of my life that I had anticipated would change, but it greatly has. I mean, I was fully aware that the shopping habits we’d had a few years ago were atrocious, but I’d thought we’d cleaned up our act a good amount. Turns out essentialism and living simple with only what you need would have a major impact on how Trevor and I spend money (AND view money, so if you’re interested in learning more about that let me know in a comment below). Continue reading “Shopping As An Essentialist”

Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 007

Almost two months in and we’ve had a lot of progress! Continue reading “Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 007”

Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 006

We were both sick over the past week but it hasn’t stopped us from working on our goal of weight loss! Continue reading “Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 006”

10 Ways to Reuse Shopping Bags | DIY Recycling Challenge

Hi everyone! This project has been in the works for a month now, and I’m so excited to finally share this project with you! This blog post and video was done in collaboration with Simple Victoria, and several other Youtube channels, to bring you guys tons of different ideas on how to take an object and turn it into something new. This project is our first collaboration project, ever, and we hope that you guys enjoy and find some ideas in this video. Continue reading “10 Ways to Reuse Shopping Bags | DIY Recycling Challenge”

Minimalists or Essentialists? | Let’s Chat, S02 E06

Hi there! This week we reflect on minimalism and essentialism and realize that we are more essentialist than minimalist. Continue reading “Minimalists or Essentialists? | Let’s Chat, S02 E06”

Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 005

This week I’m feeling incredibly burnt out, but that’s just the way things go sometimes. No one has ever said “life is easy” and the same holds true for weight-loss and lifestyle change. I was a little naive in thinking that because we’d changed so much already, maybe leading a healthier lifestyle would be easier to implement. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Continue reading “Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 005”

His 2017 Work Wardrobe

Happy Tuesday! For today’s video on Minimalism I’ve got Trevor’s work Wardrobe. It’s simple, short and to the point. Continue reading “His 2017 Work Wardrobe”

ALEX Desk Update | Let’s Chat, S02 E05

Happy Sunday! This week we’d thought we do something a little different and offer an update on my ALEX desk unit from IKEA that we had picked it up and built on our YouTube channel over a year ago. Continue reading “ALEX Desk Update | Let’s Chat, S02 E05”

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